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Erinnert ihr euch an Events mit richtigen Menschen

Erinnert ihr euch an Events mit richtigen Menschen?

English Version: Gute alte Zeit:In den ersten sechs Wochen in 2020 besuchte ich Irland, Texas, Spanien und Deutschland.In den ersten sechs Wochen in 2021 besuchte ich den Supermarkt auf der anderen Strassenseite. Nebenerscheinung der Pandemie: Alle Veranstaltungen inklusive IT-Messen wurden zuerst abgesagt und später “virtualisiert,” wie unsere Meetings auf der Arbeit.  Virtuelle Konferenzen kommen mit …

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Interview with Sascha Giese in tahawultech

Dubai Gitex 2021

From the disappointing experience in Nuremberg, I traveled straight to the next location: Dubai Gitex 2021. What happened was slightly unexpected. But first, I like Dubai. I do, and I enjoy each time coming here. But I did pretty much all the touristy things – well, the Safari is still on my to-do-list, so for …

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Ox statue in Nuremberg

IT-SA 2021 in Nuremberg

We visited the IT-SA conference in previous editions, namely 2018 and 2019, as 2020 didn’t exist.In 2021, they tried it again, and it was a bit of an experiment for the organizers. So, here we go: IT-SA 2021 in Nuremberg. Was the time ready for a new face-to-face event, or is the pandemic still strong? …

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David Bowie painting

Berlin February 2020

In 2017, Veronica joined me on a business trip to Berlin, and she fell in love with the city. I also thought that it looks interesting, as it’s a Metropole, an international melting pot, and one of those cities that never sleeps, with never-ending culture. So, we talked about relocating a few times.In 2018, SolarWinds …

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SolarWinds Corporate Apartments

Austin Texas in January

Two months after I visited Stuttgart, I’m finally on the road again!It’s my third January in a row in Austin. I arrived Friday evening and went straight to our corporate apartments again. Austin Texas in January It’s always great having fun in the studio: And I discovered that my boss has a framed photo of …

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Robot without power

Nuremberg IT-SA 2019

It’s IT-SA time again, for the second year in a row now since 2018! The first thing I noticed as I took the train from the airport to the city center was this one: The sticker says “let people exit before you enter,” which is extremely smart, as it’s attached to the inside of the …

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