August 2020

Orangematter - Remote Working

Orangematter – Remote Working

I wrote a new article on our corporate blog dealing with remote working in the public sector just a few days after Healthcare IT: Mobile working is becoming the reality for an increasing number of public sector staff. But the threat and impact brought by the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has seen many organizations instructing office-based …

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Orangematter - Healthcare IT

Orangematter – Healthcare IT

I’m such a busy bee! Just four days after my last article, I wrote another one on our corporate blog, dealing with Healthcare IT Healthcare IT The healthcare ecosystem is complex, and the diversity of the different departments and devices results in a multifaceted IT infrastructure that can be hard to manage. With increasing digitalization, …

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Orangematter - Accidental Cloud Administrator

Orangematter – Accidental Cloud Administrator

I wrote a new article on our corporate blog, one week after a New gig in IT: Orangematter – Accidental Cloud Administrator Accidental DBA is a term most IT pros are familiar with, and traditionally it describes an “on-top task” for the SysAdmin. It was followed by the “involuntary security admin,” a task carried out …

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Orangematter - New gig in IT

Orangematter – New gig in IT

I wrote a new article on our corporate blog Orangematter – New gig in IT. Fits well with my last blog The Year of the IT Pro: Orangematter – New gig in IT When IT professionals change jobs, it isn’t always a smooth and easy transition. Let’s say you worked somewhere else for a couple …

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